"Socialize, follow, buy!" is our motto...

Our name "LIVITOL" (“Lee-Vih-Tohl”) is the compressed form of following sentence: “List and view it online!” We call this action “to livit”, shortly!

LIVITOL is like a giant online shopping mall. There are lots of stores and products in one web address, so that you don’t have to go to each store and check out the products individually. When you are in LIVITOL, you have access for all the amazing products of the Internet’s online shopping world.

When you join LIVITOL, you immediately start liviting, or following your favorite stores and people whose style or expertise you like. You may find popular products and gather them under different lists and name and share them, either public, or private.

Every day, come and visit LIVITOL. We are 100 % sure that, during your each visit, you will livit new products from all of your favorite stores. When you like a product in LIVITOL, you may either buy it immediately, or follow / livit in your profile for later shopping.

LIVITOL is designed and published by internet and software freak 3-person-team living in İstanbul, TR.

We hope, you will enjoy and will be a fan of LIVITOL!.. 